An Old Favorite…

A couple of months ago I wrote about my summer beauty must-haves. If you recall, I was love/hating Benefit’s They’re Real mascara. Well, it finally came time to retire that stuff (according to Good Housekeeping, opened mascara has about a three-month shelf life) and I knew I wasn’t going to buy it again. Rather than just going back to my usual Lancôme Hypnose though, I decided to throw it way back and buy my high school favorite, Diorshow. I first used it when I was seventeen and ladies and gents, I think I just fell back in love. I may never return to my Hypnose again. Diorshow has won countless awards from beauty mags with good reason. Its buildable formula and gigantic brush make for lush, dramatic lashes that perfectly complete any eye makeup look. Weird bonus: it’s lightly perfumed, so it smells nice when you open it and put it on! Hooray!photo (49) unedited

5 thoughts on “An Old Favorite…

  1. btsbeauty says:

    I feel the same way. An actor introduced me to Dior Show and I’ve never looked back. At first I thought the smell was a little odd, but now I too LOVE that it has a scent.

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